A “Fair” to remember

By Tyler Kimmel - For the Cal Times

The club and organization fair is more important than people may think. A resume is something that everyone has to fill out. A college degree is one o the first things listed. What separates one resume from another is the activities that person has participated in.

On Sept. 22, the performance center in Natali was packed with over 100 clubs available for students. The focus was on freshman, who had to talk to three different clubs and get signatures from them. The purpose was to allow freshman to explore organizations they may be interested in.

Clubs advertised themselves to students to help get more members. Colorful posters, stickers, lollipops, and cookies were all some of the free stuff available.

Students were also encouraged to look up clubs on twitter and facebook to learn more information.

There was a fencing display on the performance stage. There were swords and shields flying through the air. The games club had Guitar Hero for students to get to participate in and have some fun with.

To say the performance center was crowded would be an understatement. There were never ending rows of tables. The aisles were more crowded than Wal Mart on Black Friday. Students couldn’t walk to the tables without bumping into someone else.

The clubs and organizations fair was a success once again. Freshmen were exposed to tons of extracurricular activities they can add to their resumes. Upper class men got another chance to get involved in something they may have missed out on their first few years on campus. Clubs were able to add more members to help continue to build their foundations. It was a win-win situation for everyone.


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