Cal no longer lacks women’s lacrosse

By Tyler Kimmel - For the Cal Times

Cal U has always had plenty of sports for students to participate in.  There are a wide variety to choose from for men, but women have not been left out.

There are multiple women’s club sports including as cheerleading, dance, and even fencing. One sport has been missing on the women’s side until now, Lacrosse.

A lacrosse team was a disturbing absence from the university for Virginia Tinkey and Catherine Rhodes. They decided to start a women’s lacrosse club team for Cal U. “I wanted a lacrosse team at Cal so I could continue playing lacrosse, and for other girls to experience the sport,” President Virginia Tinkey said.

This wasn’t the first time the idea of a women’s lacrosse team has surfaced at Cal.

“This was an idea that was brought up last semester and then brought up again by Virginia this semester,” Vice President Catherine Rhodes said. “At the end of Spring 2011, we had about 35 girls interested. We are hoping to increase that number this semester.”

The two are focusing on generating more interest for the team this semester. They are trying to add more girls to the club in order to get it up and running for the spring semester and many more to come.

“I hope to start a successful club that will stay on campus and become recognized by other colleges and universities and help the sport grow,” Tinkey said.

Field hockey is similar to lacrosse and is another sport Cal does not offer. It is a popular high school sport for girls, however; Rhodes felt lacrosse was the better bet for success at Cal. “Lacrosse seems to be more popular among girls here,” she said. “Lacrosse is also a spring sport whereas field hockey is in the fall.”

Rhodes and Tinkey are hoping a lacrosse team will help girls grow as a person and not just an athlete. The goal is for the girls to learn from each other and help lay the foundation for a successful program. “I love teaching my skills to other girls and just as long as everyone is having fun, learning the skills, and becoming a team, I consider that being very successful,” Tinkey said.

The main goal for the rest of this semester is to get enough girls to field a team. Players don’t even need any prior experience, just a good attitude and a competitive spirit.

“The beauty of the lacrosse club is that no prior experience is needed,” Rhodes said. “I have never played but I am excited to learn.”

In order for the club to being this spring, more members are needed as soon as possible. Any girls that are interested in joining the women’s lacrosse club team should attend a meeting Tues. Oct. 25 at 11 a.m. in the Vulcan Theater.


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