Vulcan Theater Weekend Show: Immortals

By Justin Carlo - Cal Times Film Critic

Justin’s Rating: 2.5 Stars

“Immortals” is a computer-generated imagery film (CGI), packed mess of a movie, with a pretty interesting story line. It is a visually beautiful film from costumes and the landscape, to the buildings and even the characters themselves are all something to look at. However, most of the movie is confusing and inaccurate.

“Immortals” tells the story of Theseus (Henry Cavill), a peasant who has been secretly chosen by the god Zeus (Luke Evans) to protect Greece from the evil King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). Hyperion has been destroying and killing everything in his path to find the Epirus Bow, a remarkable weapon that holds the power to release the imprisoned Titans that have been held captive under Mount Tartaros for eons since losing the mythic battle against the gods. The virgin oracle Phaedra (Frieda Pinto) is Hyperion’s key to finding the Epirus Bow, although she joins in the fight with Theseus to conquer this tyrant.

The movie has almost as much CGI as “Avatar,” which not only causes for some amazing imagery, but also some very confusing scenes. Battles are fought almost entirely on the edge of towering cliffs and mountains in where…Greece? These battle scenes have so many characters and deaths involved it’s hard to keep up with who’s fighting whom and who is dying or not. Major characters come in and out of the story without any relevance and many die without any real acknowledgment.

The inaccuracies that I mentioned are hardly even noticeable, such as multiple imprisoned characters biting down on what looks to be rebar, which I’m sure was not invented at the time back then. Little things like that add to the confusion. Even though you are probably not going to be completely sure of what is happening throughout most of this movie, you have to take it for what it is.

The fight sequences are intense and very well performed on the cast’s part. Frieda Pinto and Isabel Lucas, who plays Athena, are gorgeous. John Hurt plays the “Old Man”, very wise and very much like someone John Hurt would play, which isn’t a bad thing. The same goes for Mickey Rourke, the evil bad guy role that just as much as you hate him, he’s still kind of awesome. And Henry Cavill, it’s great to see him in this intense action role as we prepare to see him as the newest Superman in the highly anticipated “Man of Steel”.

Directed by Tarsem Singh, who is known for being very visual, this movie is basically “Percy Jackson” on steroids. Greek mythology movies are always interesting to me, so if you are a fan, I suggest seeing this one. The movie wasn’t all that bad. If you can get past the confusion, and don’t see it in 3D, you will enjoy it.

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