Hey Compadre releases first album “Something Old, Something New”

hey compadre

(photo courtesy of Hey Compadre’s Facebook page)

by Jamie Rider
entertainment editor

“Something Old Something New” is not only the title Hey Compadre’s new self recorded album, it is also a direct reflection of the members who make up the band. Hey Compadre first came together back in 2009 with its three original members, Steve Ventura, Nate Wright and Britton Sloan. In 2012, the band added a few new fresh faces from California University of Pennsylvania, Paul Sheppick, Mike Meketa and Izzy Yohn.

The album has a mostly pop feel to it, but the band incorporates multiple instruments used in various manners that make it hard to pin down an exact genre. There’s a rock element in the guitar riffs and the use of the trumpet in five out of the six tracks gives the listener an impression of a slight ska influence. The band uses guitars, keyboards, a trumpet and drums to round out the sound they have.

“Something Old Something New” features catchy lyrics that are easy to pick up after listening through the songs only a few times. Listeners can hear that the construction of the songs have been thought out and the words all work towards something. Everything compliments everything else.

The only downside is that the vocals in some places on the album feel a little weak. They miss the mark on the feelings being portrayed in the songs, but this is such a minor detail that getting through the album isn’t a problem. Listeners can overlook it and still get enjoyment from the music.

Hey Compadre played their first show back in January of this year and have another live show coming up on May 26 at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. Tickets are $12 and are on sale now.

“Something Old Something New” is an album full of entertaining music and it will be interesting to see where they go from here. The lack of a defining genre isn’t a hindrance in any way; it might even be their greatest strength.

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