The Control Room during a shooting of CUTV News Center.

CUTV’s in-studio operations include the fully-functional television production studio and control room,  including a news set with a 60″ HD Monitor screen, a sports interview set, greenscreen equipment, a recently renovated master control room featuring a switcher, COMPIX Graphics technology, an EZNews teleprompter system, as well as tape and audio controls. The studio also has the ability go live-to-air from the Master Control booth.

CUTV keeps well-maintained equipment including Mini-DV and DVCPro cameras in the Equipment Room for student use, as well as a full-range of lighting and audio equipment to suit almost every scenario.


Students running cameras in the studio during a shooting of CUTV News Center.

CUTV’s Editing Suite features multiple non-linear editing stations in the post-production room. Our editing suites come equipped with Final Cut Studio 7, the Adobe CS5 Creative Suite, Zaxwerks 3D Software, all aboard Mac Pro desktop hardware featuring Intel Xeon Processors.