The Student Association, Inc. (SAI) recognizes that clubs are using social media for recruiting and to communicate with their membership. In fact, two new requirements were put in place recently that will better serve all students on the campus of Cal U and encourage campus involvement. To support our new efforts, the Multimedia Access Center is pleased to offer our Thursday Social Media Series.

Social Media Series Schedule
This social media series has been developed specifically for clubs and their advisors. Each session will be offered as a live presentation and will also be available to watch live online via Ustream on SAI’s  Facebook page,


Registration is not required to watch the Ustream live stream, but if you want to attend in person, please register here:

Session Descriptions

Facebook for Beginners/Twitter for Beginners assumes no previous knowledge of either social network. You will create a personal account and learn the basics of using it.

Social Media Basics will focus on uses for social media and best practices for doing so. In addition, we will explore the club advisor’s role in marketing the club using social media.

After a week off for Spring Break, we will pick back up with Setting up a Facebook Page for Your Club. Clubs that don’t currently have a Facebook Page (or Group) are encouraged to attend this session, as we will walk you through the process of creating a page and assigning administrators. Please bring an approved list of all administrators to the session.

Responsible Social Media Use will concentrate on privacy settings and best practices for organization social media usage, as put forth by the announcement above.

Tools to Make Social Media Updating Easier will show you how to get the most return from the least effort. You will learn about social media management tools like HootSuite and other monitoring tools.

Marketing your Club via Other Campus Venues, although not technically social media, will give your club all the information you need about when and where to promote your events on campus.


January 2012 Announcement regarding social media and marketing events

  1. All clubs are required to submit a monthly calendar to SAI beginning in February 2012. This will allow SAI to place club meetings and events on the Cal U calendar so that they can be seen by all students through both the online calendar and the Cal U Fusion mobile app and provide the opportunity for club membership growth. The process will be simple and done electronically.  The club secretary or other designated officer shall send an email to Nikki Arthur at and Missy Dunn at at least 5 days prior to the 1st day of the month.  Missy will review and combine the calendars and coordinate with Bryan Engel to get the events put on the University Calendar for all to view. Clubs who fail to submit a calendar will receive a warning the first time and then after one warning, there will be a $25 fee charged to the club each time a calendar is not submitted.  There will be one warning given each academic year, not semester. If a “special event” is cancelled, the club should notify Bryan Engel at so he may remove it from the calendar.  Monthly meetings would not fall into this category but if you choose, you can email Bryan to remove a meeting that has been cancelled also.
  2. All clubs who have a social media page, such as Facebook,  are required to add a Social Media Officer to their Executive Board, or add those responsibilities to another office, before the end of the Spring 2012 semester.   This will require an amendment to your club Constitution and Student Cabinet approval will be necessary.  Through the MAC lab, SAI will offer instructional classes to these officers so they are aware of what is appropriate to place on a social media site. SAI would like to encourage all clubs to have a Facebook page that can be linked to the SAI Facebook page but please remember the following:
  • Clubs are to follow the Cal U Code of Conduct when posting on Facebook
  • Clubs should always present themselves professionally
  • The advisor of the club should be named as an administrator of the account for continuity (student admin graduates, leaves, etc.).  You will want the page to continue on from semester to semester.
  • The title of the page should have Cal U in it.  (SAI at Cal U, Cal U Bowling Club, etc.)