In honor of Leap Day 2016, we are doing our best Buzz Feed imitation by presenting “29 reasons to use the Mac Lab”. Print a paper for class. (30 copies max!) Pick up a color print job. (Submit print requests on the Mac Lab OrgSync portal.) Make a copy of a document. (Yes, our printer is a copier, too!) Scan a document and email it to someone. (Well, someone using an email.) Scan and print a document. (See #1) Pick up a large-format print that you requested online. (See #2) Meet with a graphic designer about a poster or logo for your club or event. Meet with a web developer about creating a website on OrgSync. Meet with a web developer about updating an existing website. Work on a class project with your group at our collaboration table. (Rumor has it that it has special powers.) Attend an OrgSync workshop. Pick up a card reader to take attendance at your event or meeting. (Request one at our OrgSync portal.) Attend a design workshop. Work on a paper for class. Work on a design project using Adobe CS for class. Work on a video using Adobe Premiere or iMovie. Edit […]

You can hear me talk about these products as well as other shenanigans on the MAC LAB podcast – 2/8/13 Alright, I’ll admit it. I am absolutely head over heels in love/lust with Pinterest. I want to have it’s babies. Any bit of spare time is spent scouring pages and pages of random, hilarious, inspirational, sad, depressing, controversial, conventional, traditional pins and repins. Where else can you find a recipe for Nutella butterfinger cream cheese cookie brownie pie cake and right next to it 20 reasons to get fit in the New Year? Could it be more fantastic? P. S. I actually did my final project in one of my honors classes last semester, using Pinterest. Guess who got a 99% on her final? This lassie, right here. So, on that note, here are 3 things I found on Pinterest that have changed my life. (Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But they definitely may have improved this sad existence that is college dorm life.) 1.) The Interview Checklist. I have only been on a few interviews, here and there for internships or part time jobs. So when I had to interview for a huge study abroad scholarship […]

We will begin recording the MacLab podcast on February 8th. We plan to record and release podcasts at least twice a month. Depending on information and what’s happening with the world or MacLab, we might record more. In the past, we recorded podcasts and then it would take 3-4 days to actually edit/release the content which was troublesome when dealing with dates and information relevance. We are going to attempt to release the podcast the same day it is recorded. In order to do this, we will have to record our podcasts earlier in the day so that we can release them in the afternoon.

What does this mean for those who normally use the lab?

We previously would close the lab completely during our recording times. We are going to try something new this semester. We are going to try to leave the lab open while we record. We will have to turn off the printer while we record to avoid feedback from the printer being so loud. Other printer options area available on campus if needed (Commuter Center, Noss Hall, & Library) All students are asked to remain quiet and refrain from watching videos without headphones and use headphones at a reasonable level […]

The Maclab has come to love (or hate) a few text editors over the years. We’ve used both free and paid versions of editors and in this post we’ll talk about our favorites. We’ll give some PROs and CONs as well as why we have moved away from Dreamweaver completely.

Did you know that we offer more than just free color printing? We frequently offer hands-on workshops to students, faculty, and staff. In the past we have offered graphic design tutorials, website development walkthroughs, social media seminars, and many others. This semester we are reaching out and asking what workshop you would like to attend at the Multimedia Access Center. Feel free to stop by the lab (located across from the bookstore in the union) and write your idea on our whiteboard. You can also tweet us @calumaclab, post on our facebook, or simply email your suggestions to

This social media series has been developed specifically for clubs and their advisors. Each session will be offered as a live presentation and will also be available to watch live online via Ustream on SAI’s Facebook page,