Summer is winding down and soon it’s going to be time to head back to class. You’ll pack the necessities: clothes, food, computer, cell phone. That phone (or iPod Touch or iPad) is going to become a whole lot more useful this fall. And you’re going to be hearing a lot about something called Cal U Fusion.

What is Cal U Fusion?

From the June 21, 2010 issue of the Journal: Cal U Fusion is Cal U’s mobile initiative, designed to make learning–and campus life–more accessible, mobile and fun. Eventually, this initiative will use smart phones, iPod Touch or iPad devices as interactive tools for teaching and learning. But first it will make campus life even safer and more convenient. This fall, Cal U Fusion “apps” will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Initial offerings will let users: Press a button on an iPhone to summon help in an emergency. Order and pay for food “to go” from AVI Fresh, the campus dining services vendor; the meal will be ready for pickup when the customer arrives. Find their way with an interactive Cal U map that helps users navigate the campus and find a building’s location. In addition, […]