Super special guest host, Nate Wright, joins the old gang for a fun night of casting pods. Topics include music, movies, web, games, Illustrator, and much more! Will Ferrell Daily Show Video:

The gang is back for an extra special podcast. Topics include music, movies, web, games, Photoshop, social media and much more! Steve’s Video:

Welcome to the new season of the MAC Lab Podcast! We have a couple of new faces, or voices, as well as a new, cleaner format. This week’s topics include videos, movies, video games, graphic design, social media and much more. Meet the staff of the new podcast: Steve Ventura – Steve is the host of the podcast as well as the MAC Lab’s A/V engineer.  He makes awesome videos that are free to any campus club or organization. Koury Lape – Koury manages the Mac Lab, and is an alumni of CALU. Each podcast he will talk about new movies that are able to be rented on Redbox or Netflix, new movies that can be purchased or watched on-demand, movies that are just hitting theatres, and also movies that are playing in the Vulcan Theatre which students can watch for free! He also shares information on major upcoming campus events. Pam DelVerne – Pam is Director of New Media Services (which includes the Mac Lab!) and is one of the founding members of the Multimedia Access Center. Pam is also an alum of Cal U (’01, ’09) who feels awkward writing about herself in the third person. Her podcast segment will […]