The purpose and intent of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Club of CAL U (BBFC) is to motivate and encourage students, faculty, alumni, and their families to improve their health and bodies and to provide a solid foundation of support in regards to achieving success in their own lives. Encouragement and guidance are given in the forms of:


The BBFC is a non-profit organization. All events are financed by club funds that were raised or donated until the 2012-2013 academic year; at this time the club will receive funding. The club seeks to find sponsors and/donors who are willing to contribute funding or equipment used to improve the BBFC member experience. Resources the club can most benefit from include but are not limited to:

All monetary donations will be used to; travel and admission to sports festivals, hire sports professionals, purchase apparel items, and to fund the club organized event; Bodybuilding & Fitness competition of Cal U, to be held in March of 2011.

Donated items, such as apparel or consumables, will be given to club members to enhance their experience with the BBFC and give material reward to the work and dedication demonstrated by active members.


Putting forth dedication required to achieve fitness goals comes equipped with potential risk of injury. The BBFC is under guidance and facilitation by qualified individuals.
These individuals include and are not limited to:

Bobby Sepesy
2005 NPC-IFBB Mr. Pittsburgh
Head Coach
Strength and Conditioning
California University of Pennsylvania
BBFC Advisor

Jason Janov
Cal U Alumnus
Pro- Natural Bodybuilder
Muscletech Athlete

Brian Thomas Oddi
Instructor/Director of
Athletic Performance
Health Science and Sport Studies
California University of Pennsylvania

The expertise and experience of these individuals secures success for members of all fitness levels, giving ample opportunity for BBFC members to enjoy healthy and safe fitness regimens.


The BBFC strives on community service and public awareness. Since its implementation, the BBFC has participated in every major community service project that has occurred on campus. These include:

The BBFC holds multiple events throughout the year, and plans to initiate many more in the future including:

BBFC participation in these events reflects its community-oriented work ethic. Providing a comfortable environment to improve personal fitness for the Cal U community is paramount to the BBFC agenda. Being active in the community is the club’s way of integrating itself into the public eye, creating a comfortable zone in which community members may enter and interact with the club.


Cal U’s Bodybuilding and Fitness Club exists to promote success and wellness to individuals affiliated with the university. It intends to make a positive impact on many students’ lives by setting an example from which students can follow. To achieve maximum success, outside resources, such as event attendance, professional wellness lectures, apparel, etc. are essential. Unfortunately these resources come with a price tag. To alleviate financial burden, the BBFC asks that you donate anything you deem worthy that will contribute to the motivation and success of club and community members. Any items or money presented in such a manner will be appreciated not only by the club, but by the individuals experiencing success at the hands of your generosity.

Thanks and Regards,

Christopher R. Oknefski,
The Bodybuilding & Fitness Club of CAL U Founder
Cal U Alumnus