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What is BSU?

The Black Student Union (BSU) is a student organization committed to the stimulation and development of cultural diversity at California University of PA through participation in and sponsorship of educational, cultural, and social events on our campus.

Who can join BSU?

MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO ALL CAL U STUDENTS. Any student regardless of race, gender or creed is invited and encouraged to attend all BSU meetings and activities. BSU not only stands for Black Student Union, but also Building Student Union.

When and Where are BSU Meetings Held?

All regular BSU meetings are held every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the multi-purpose room in Carter Hall. Additionally, all BSU officers meet weekly for executive sessions.

Why Should I Join BSU?

Alligning yourself with BSU will provide you with a supporting environment of fellow students with unique backgrounds and knowledge that will enhance your college experience. You will also have the opportunity to further your personal cultural awareness and sensitvity as it applies to all races. Active participation in this organization will also develop your leadershipo, organization and social skills.

Who is Jennie Carter?

Jennie Adams Carter is the first African American to graduate form the South Western State Normal School, now known as California University of PA, on July 14, 1881. Read more...

BSU Events

Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration and Service Program
Student Auction Fund Raiser
Bowling and Skating Events
Etiquette Dinners
Step Shows
Annual Formal Dinner Dance
Guest Speakers and Entertainers
Welcome and End-Of-Year Picnics
Gospel Celebrations
Movie and Games Nights
Off-Campus Trips
Recreational Tournaments
Holiday Dinner Celebrations
Mon-Valley NAACP Banquet
Amusement Park Outings