Who We Are
The G.S.A. is a graduate student organization at California University. The main purpose of the G.S.A. is to help enhance graduate students' professional development, by administering funding for them to attend workshops, seminars, conferences, etc., and/or to pay for professional organization membership fees. The G.S.A. meets on a monthly basis and encourages graduate students to attend to voice their concerns, opinions, and ideas regarding the university or their individual programs of study. Questions? ...Comments? Contact: gsa@calu.edu Or email one of our members/advisors below.

The G.S.A. will reimburse SAI-fee paying graduate students up to $50 per student, for up to two semesters in an academic year, for costs associated with professional development, such as: registrations, membership dues, lodging, and/or airfare. However, additional reimbursement may be available if a student is accepted to present at a national, or international, conference.

Graduate students are responsible for registering themselves for their conferences, travel, memberships, etc. The G.S.A. funds will be distributed as REIMBURSEMENT ONLY. In order to apply for funding, SAI-fee paying graduate students must complete the G.S.A. Funding Application, (please note, receipts are required). Completed forms should be submitted to: gsa@calu.edu

OFFICERS (2013-2014)

Cary Banner

Ta'lor Pinkston

Saima Bashir

Carolina Alves


Grafton Eliason:

Suzanne C. Powers:

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