Some of our DJs want you to know them better.  Well, here they are!


Eddie Kuntz – “DJ Just Ed”

Commercial Music Technology Major

            During my freshman move in day I passed a remote conducted by the now graduated Steve Maggio, aka “Long Island Iced Steve” and Zach Fehl, aka “DJ Zach,” and trained on the Long Island Iced Steve show later that night.  Soon after, I was able to start my own Pop Punk/Indie show, which I cohost with John Boldt, aka “DJ Bullworm,” called “Just Ed and John With Just Pop Punk,” airing Tuesday’s from 4pm-6pm.  We also cohost a show on Thursdays from 4pm-6pm called “Pop Punk and Metalcore.”  Since then, I have also taken over the Long Island Iced Steve show, which has been renamed “Long Island Takeover.”  I cohost this 4 hour show with Evan Peffer, aka “DJ Moon Moon,” on Fridays from 6pm-10pm.

On all my shows, I play a lot of my favorite Pop Punk artists, especially my long-time favorite: Yellowcard.  Though Yellowcard is my favorite artist overall, my current favorite song is “Happy Judgement Day” by Neck Deep.  On the Long Island Takeover, I do like to add a little Indie twist as well as Pop Punk.

My favorite moment in the station has got to be The Kombucha Trials.  Live on air, we had the new and existing DJs sample Kombucha; one of the nastiest drinks known to man: fermented tea.  It was one of the most hilarious moments in WCAL history as several DJs felt the need to use a trash can to express their distaste.

In addition to being a DJ at WCAL, I am also the Program Director for the station, Vice President for Underground Café, and album review writer for Cal Times.



Anthony D’Agostino – “DJ Apostrophe”

Communication Studies Major

            I was introduced to WCAL from our previous Business director Jared Sofranko.  He introduced me to the station and trained me.  I got most of my hours with him, but also got hours from Cody Jennette, aka “Puddin.’”

I have two shows, “The Classic Rewind”, airing Sundays from noon-2pm, and “The Electrical Outlet,” which airs at midnight each Friday and lasts till 2am Saturday mornings.  The first is a classic rock themed show, where I am free to play my favorite artist, Van Halen.  On my other show, I play a lot of EDM, especially my favorite from that genre, Zedd.

My favorite moment of the station was when Puddin’ did his last senior show.  There were tons of people at the show and we all just had a great time.

As well as a DJ, I am the Station Manager of WCAL.  I have been the station manager since the fall of 2016, and was the secretary before that as well.  I am also on the call for football and basketball games for the Vulcan Sports Radio Network.


this DJ has requested that her photo not be shown.
Taylor  – “DJ Spooktacular”

Communication Studies Major: Concentration in Radio & TV; Music Minor

            I don’t exactly remember how I was introduced to the station, but I was trained mainly by the recent graduate Michael Daugherty, aka “Doc.”  He has been a major inspiration to me, as we share the same love for heavy metal.  He also left The Doc Show to myself and Zoe Webster, aka “Lil’ Debbie,” which airs Wednesday nights from 10pm-12pm.

In addition to The Doc Show, which has been renamed The Crypt, I run a show on Fridays from 2pm – 4pm called The Haunting Hours.  During The Crypt, Lil’ Debbie and I will be playing heavy metal.  During The Haunting Hours, I play alternative/variety tunes including my favorite artists: Nirvana, The Cure, David Bowie, and more.

My favorite songs are “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths, which I close The Haunting Hours with each week, “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie, and “All Apologies” by Nirvana.

This is my second year as a DJ at WCAL.  In my free time, I love to shop and try out new makeup looks as well as getting tattoos.



John Boldt – “DJ Bullworm”

Commercial Music Technology Major

            My first semester here at Cal, I met Eddie Kuntz, aka “DJ Just Ed,” who was in my major.  After meeting him and listening to his show a few times, he told me I should consider joining, and before long the recent graduate Jared Sofranko, aka “DJ Sofro” started my training.

I have two shows that I cohost with DJ Just Ed, “Pop Punk and Metalcore”, (which, let’s face it, is more Pop Punk than anything else,) airing Thursdays from 4pm-6pm, and “Just Ed and John With Just Pop Punk,” which airs Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm.   The third show, which I cohost alongside Zoe Webster, aka “Lil’ Debbie” is Post Dad Alternative which airs Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm.

On both my shows, I play music by my favorite Pop Punk artists, especially my number one: Paramore.  Though Paramore is my favorite band, my favorite song is “Empty Apartment” by Yellowcard.

Those that know me know that I have lived an….extraordinary life, when it comes to strange things happening to me.  My favorite moments here at WCAL have been sharing these stories that I have experienced throughout my life and letting people laugh over them, because laughter always influences happiness.

In addition to being a DJ here at WCAL, I also serve as Operations Manager and a Sports Engineer. I am also a part of the University Band, and a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi.  One final note to those who understand… The note on the door is about Jon Hitz. NOT me.



Zoe Webster – “Lil’ Debbie”

Graphics and Multimedia Major; Music Minor

            I already knew about WCAL before I even came to college, thanks to Eddie Kuntz, aka “DJ Just Ed.”  We were friends from high school, but I took a year off to work before college, so I ended up joining the station the year after he did.  Nevertheless, I trained and became certified within two weeks, training under several different DJs.

I now have two shows at WCAL.  Taylor, aka “DJ Spooktacular” and I have taken over the heavy metal show of Michael Daughterty, aka “Doc,” formerly known as The Doc Show, now known as The Crypt.  This show airs Wednesday nights from 8pm – 10pm.  Alongside The Crypt, I also host a show with John Boldt, aka “DJ Bullworm,” on Tuesdays from 6pm – 8pm.  This show was formerly known as The Alternative Option, and is now known as Post Dad Alternative.

My favorite artist, as everyone knows, is Big Wreck, a rock group based in Canada.  I am so obsessed with this band that my WCAL Banquet award was “Big Wreck Groupie of the Year.”  My favorite song is of course by Big Wreck: “The Arborist.”  I listen to mostly rock, metal, and alternative, but I probably have favorite songs and artists from every genre.

I have had many good memories at the station, but the best part about it for me is that I have made so many friends there.  We always have a good time, especially since a few of us got into playing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.  Coming in a close second is probably the day I was voted Imaging Director for the station, which was my dream since I joined.

Not only am I a DJ for WCAL, but as mentioned before, the Imaging Director.  I am also a member of the University Choir (on hiatus,) a member of Underground Cafe, and an amateur photographer/graphic designer.  I love to watch movies in my spare time, especially those in the Suspense genre.



Taylor Barta – “DJ Maverick”

Graphics and Multimedia Major

            I had worked at the CalTimes newspaper, and had always passed by the station, which sparked my interest in it.  After a choir concert, Zoe Webster, aka “Lil’ Debbie,” Eddie Kuntz, aka “DJ Just Ed,” Evan Peffer, aka “DJ Moon Moon,” John Boldt, aka “DJ Bullworm,” and I went to lunch.  There they coaxed me into coming to their shows. From then on out I made more friends through the station and wanted to be an official part of it.

I have yet to start my show, as I am one of the newest certified DJs to the station, but I’m a big fan of EDM, pop, Indie, and chill music. The main focus will be on electro music with rhythmic beats, soft overlays, and chill instrumentals. There’ll be some variety and surprises in there every now and then though, such as my favorite artist and inspiration, Ed Sheeran, and my favorite songs “Autumn Leaves” and “Wake Up” by EDEN.  I want my show to put off some really good vibes.

As funny as it sounds, my favorite part of the station is playing card games. Pokemon, Uno, yu-gi-oh, Go Fish and other games make time spent in the station all that more memorable. Getting good vibes from the music, singing at the top of our lungs, talking on air, and laughing with friends; what more could you ask for?

A little about me: I’m a junior at CAL and I’m 20 years old.  I love nature, the outdoors, but especially the coast. My favorite place to be is at the beach, surfing. My dream is to move to Hawaii or California someday to surf and work with the National Parks Service to be a promotional nature photographer and designer in their advertisement department.  I love music like most people, but I also love singing. I’m in the choir here at CAL as well as Vulcanize acapella group. I hope when you listen to my show, there’s at least one song that speaks to you.


Alicia Lackey – “DJ Tiny Tim”

Social Work Major

            I was first introduced to the station by two other members, Caroline Jeffries, aka “DJ Caramel,” and Emily Rice, aka “DJ Emmy J.”  I am so glad I listened to her and got involved.

I actually have two shows this upcoming year.  The first is called The Tiptoe Variety Show, which features a wide range of different genres.  I’ll play anything!  My other show is called CalU’s Best Country, which I cohost with DJ Emmy J.  The variety show airs 2pm-4pm every Tuesday, and the country show on Fridays from noon-2pm.

My favorite song is “Sharpest Lives” by My Chemical Romance, and my favorite artist is (obviously) Gerard Way.  Don’t judge me, I’m obsessed with him even though I am not 13 years old.

My favorite moment at WCAL was during the lock in, when me and Joe danced to throat music at 2 am to stay awake.  The best part about the station to me is the people.  I’ve met so many amazing people through this organization, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

I’m so proud to have been elected as Secretary of E-Board for the station this year.  Not only did I make it on the board… but I am also ORGSYNC CERTIFIED!



Adam Andresen – “Chief Meteorologist”

Meteorology Major

            I was first introduced to the station by alumni Jared Sofranko, aka “DJ Sofro,” because his friend needed a weatherman.  Once I was on air for the first time, I loved it and have ever since.  I have had a few different shows throughout my years, but my current time slot is on Tuesdays from 10am-2pm.  I play a variety of music, usually trying to change up the genre every hour or two.  Sometimes I like to really mix it up if I’m feeling crazy though!

I like to play some of my favorite artists on my show, especially my number one favorite since season 4 of American Idol: Carrie Underwood.  My favorite song of hers is the #1 off her Greatest Hits album, “Little Toy Guns.”  In general though, my favorite song is “Addicted” by Kelly Clarkson.  This song has always helped me through the tough times.

My favorite moment in the station has to be when all the new students who want to become DJs join the station and train.  I love helping the freshmen and transfer students experience our club!  I also love when alumni come back and do a show together so that we can reminisce all of the great things that they remember about the station.

P.S. Yes, the girl in the picture is Ginger Zee.

P.P.S. Yes, I actually met THE Ginger Zee!



Calvin Conroy – “DJ Fakiplier”

Mechatronics Engineering Tehnology Major; Robotics and Engineering Technology Major

            There were a few people who got me into WCAL, between seeing Eddie Kuntz, aka “DJ Just Ed” in a banana costume riding around on a scooter during orientation or John Boldt, aka “DJ Bullworm” and Taylor, aka “DJ Spooktacular” getting me involved through our common interest of being in band. I have always wanted to do radio work, and once I came into WCAL for the first time and was met with such a warm welcome I knew this was something I wanted to do.

I will be playing a different genre each week on my show, with a wide variety of sounds and artists being featured.  These include my favorite bands, Area 11 and Pink Floyd, and my favorite songs, which are “Shelter” by Porter Robinson & Madeon, and “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd.

I dont have too many memories or favorite moments from the station since I was certified later in the year, but one my favorite memories was the first time I went into the station during the Doc Show. I was able to learn so much from him about how to run the board and be a radio personality, and meet so many new people.

There isn’t really much music I’m not a fan of.  I listen to practically anything I come across.  I’m also a huge nerd, frequently building costumes and props for conventions in the tri-state area.



Evan Peffer – “DJ Moon Moon”

Theater Design and Entertainment Technology Major; Music Minor

            I found out about WCAL because Emily Rice, aka “DJ Emmy J” had mentioned it over the summer.  She was the one who convinced me to give it a shot, but Eddie Kuntz, aka “DJ Just Ed” was the one who I actually started training with and made me stick with it.

My show this year is actually four hours split between DJ Just Ed and I, on Fridays from 6pm-10pm.  The show was once held by alumni Steve Maggio, aka “Long Island Iced Steve.”  The show is now titled “Long Island Takeover,” and features half Indie and half Pop Punk genres.

My favorite artist is a small band called Nevada Color, who I have been lucky enough to see live several times throughout my life.  Though they are my favorite band, my current favorite song is currently “Favorite Liar” by The Wrecks.

It was homecoming weekend, and I had just passed my DJ test.  I was therefore allowed to immediately hop on the board to cover a fellow DJ’s show, and got to hand it off to Long Island Iced Steve for his Alumni Show that night. We all sat around listening to him air his show using only vinyl, while drinking kombucha and trying army food.  Then the next morning I got to sit in the back of the WCAL truck during the parade and throw candy to the kids (and almost fell out when we went up a hill). It was probably one of my favorite weekends ever, honestly.

I am also a Ticket Promoter for the station and manage our relationship with Drusky Entertainment, along with being the Manager for a few bands/music acts on campus!


If you would like to check out the show time for any of these DJs, click here!

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