S A L U T A T I O N S ,

C a p t i v a t i n g . T o u c h i n g . E n t e r t a i n i n g . These are all elements of good writing, and what we, The Inkwell staff, wanted to capture in the fall 2007 edition of our webzine. If you are reading this, most likely you are a writer or you appreciate the magic a writer can create at the tip of a pen—both ball point and ink. Whether you are published in The Inkwell or you are simply looking for inspirational and engaging writing, look no farther than where you currently are. The Inkwell is a compilation of the California community’s stimulating fiction, ingenious non-fiction, and compelling poetry; be prepared to be amazed, awestruck, absorbed, and amused. The Inkwell was created as a project for Dr. Carole Waterhouse’s Publishing the Magazine class. For the majority of the students, publishing this webzine was a fundamental stepping stone in our writing careers. We worked diligently, both in and out of class, to ensure a webzine of the utmost quality, and we invite you to reap the fruits of our labor. We thank everyone who submitted work to our publication, because without your generosity, The Inkwell would not have been created.