our staff

Our staff members can be found in multiple locations on campus. Our Business Office is our main location, and home to our accountants, payroll/accounts payable, information desk, and our CFO. Our Media Suite is where you can find our student newspaper, television and radio stations, and our professional media staff. Other staff members are located in the Natali Main Offices, the Organization Suite, Roadman Park, and the SAI Farm.

Name Job Title Office/Location
Leigh Ann Lincoln Chief Financial Officer Business Office, 332 Natali
Nicole Arthur Administrative Assistant Business Office, 332 Natali
Kim Cupplo Senior Traditional Accountant Business Office, 332 Natali
Lisa Hartley Accounts Payable/Payroll Supervisor Business Office, 332 Natali
Keith Skirpan Senior Housing Accountant Business Office, 332 Natali
Pam DelVerne Director, Media & Technology Services Media Suite, Natali 143H
Jeff Helsel Director of Print and Multimedia Journalism
Media Suite, Natali 143R
Gary Smith Director of CUTV Operations
Media Suite, Natali 143L
Joy Helsel Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life/Special Publications
Organization Suite, Natali 101E
Cheryl Golembiewski
Student Center Coordinator
Natali 012
Ron Sealy Foreman, Athletics Practice Fields
Roadman Park, Brownsville, Pa.


Board of directors

SAI is directed by a board composed of both undergraduate and graduate student representatives, alumni, and retired faculty. Student representatives are nominated at our annual corporation meeting, and are elected by the full-time, SAI-fee-paying student body during elections every spring. Student officers are elected at the first board meeting of the fall semester. Messages to the board can be sent via sai@calu.edu.

2021-22 Board

Darrek Harshberger Student Representative
Maria Dovshek Student Representative
Caitlyn Urban Student Representative
Janeek Fant Student Representative
Melissa Heintzinger Student Representative
Anai'ya Jones Student Representative
Idelia Robinson Confer Student Representative
vacant Graduate Student Representative
Hope Cox Alumna
Justin DiPerna Alumnus
Ryan Jerico Alumnus
Ashley Roth Alumna
Marguerite Haldin Alumna