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The Current SAI Farm

In an effort to drastically increase recreational and meeting space at California University of Pennsylvania, the Student Association, Inc. (SAI) purchased a 94 acre former dairy and beef farm, now known as the SAI Farm. The SAI Farm purchase increased the overall size of California University of Pennsylvania campus by 50 percent.

The property is adjacent to the current student recreational space, Roadman Park, which SAI also owns. Roadman Park is also home to many of the university’s athletic facilities. The football stadium, softball game field, baseball practice field, soccer natural grass field, rugby field, tennis courts and intramural game fields are located there. Both properties together share the Cross Country team’s track.

In order to maximize the academic and recreational potential of the property, SAI partnered with MacLachlan Cornelius & Filoni to develop a Master Plan. Through a series of planning meetings with various campus departments and student groups, some of the uses for the farm are seen below.

With the scope of the plan being quite ambitious, it will be implemented in phases over approximately 15-20 years.

In addition to the vast green space, the property also had an existing stone farmhouse, springhouse and barn. The farmhouse has been renovated to satisfy the identified need for meeting and banquet space. SAI partnered with Desmone & Associate Architects for this undertaking. The enhancements included three smart style conference rooms, lounge space and a 1,200 sqft. addition creating a rustic style banquet area capable of hosting 64+ guests. The nearby springhouse has also been renovated into a serving station for warmer weather events taking advantage of the patio.

With the acquisition of the property, an opportunity for academic and sustainable gardening space also presented itself. SAI has partnered with the campus food service provider, AVI, to cultivate a local sustainable produce garden to help supplement various dining locations at the university. In time, additional academic and community plots will be introduced. In line with the growing sustainability initiatives of the university, all irrigation to the gardens will be provided by a natural spring that runs through the property and rain collection barrels.

The development of the SAI Farm provides excellent hands on learning opportunities for the students of California University.

During the summer of 2011, a the newly formed Disc Golf Club volunteered many hours to design and implement a full 18 hole disc golf course throughout the property. The course covers approx. 60 challenging acres starting near the Farmhouse to the upper elevation of the property.

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